Health care

Health insurance provides adequate health and social security in times of you illness or injury as it covers the cost of risk in cases when you get sick, injured or have any other medical needs. Its basic characteristic is that the rights of each individual or of the dependant family members are related to the application for the insurance and the payment of the appropriate contribution (for compulsory health insurance) or premium (for voluntary health insurance).

Before your arrival to Slovenia, the European health insurance card or other corresponding documents enabling you to access medical services should be provided in your home country. With employment in Slovenia, your inclusion into the compulsory health insurance system will be based upon contributions paid out of your salary.

Foreigners who are not included in the Republic of Slovenia’s health insurance system have the right to urgent or necessary medical services, and payment for this is provided in accordance with European Law, international agreements or from the state budget.

As the insured person you identify yourself at healthcare institutions with a health card, on which all health insurance data is stored. Usually, you need to make an appointment to see a doctor. As a rule, you visit the health centre closest to your residence.

There are two kinds of health insurance:

  • compulsory

Compulsory health insurance doesn’t cover all the expenses that occur during treatment. Full coverage of costs is provided only for children, pupils and students who attend school regularly and for certain diseases and conditions.

Additional information on compulsory health insurance are available at The Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia web-page.

  • voluntary.

Complementary health insurance covers the difference between the full price and th part that is covered by the compulsory health insurance. You have to cover the insurance premium for supplementary health insurance by yourself and you can arrange your insurance at health insurance company.

Voluntary health insurance pursuant to Health Care and Health Insurance Act is operated by three health insurance companies:

Last update: 20. October 2016