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PhD Programme in Biotechnological, Biocomputational, Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences - Academic Year 2021/2022 - Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna

    ALMA MATER STUDIORUM - Università di Bologna
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    First Stage Researcher (R1)
    21/05/2021 12:00 - Europe/Brussels
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The PhD programme will train researchers of high ranking expertise and with a strong background, in the areas of biotechnology and of biocomputational, pharmaceutical and pharmacological studies. PhD candidates will be trained in the following areas:

- study of living systems or their endogenous compounds or byproducts obtained by recombinant DNA

- discovery of novel targets and the development of innovative drugs, including biotechnological drugs

- use of analytical and proteomics techniques for the pharmaceutical analysis

- study of pharmaceutical technologies for drug delivery

- drug characterisation through a pharmaco-toxicological approach.

PhD candidates should become capable to carry out autonomously a scientific research. One of the major goals is to promote the enrollment of PhDs in companies interested in highly qualified experts in the described fields. PhDs will be also capable to work in the field of higher education.


Research topics

The Doctoral programme develops research themes related to the discovery of new therapeutic targets as well as of new drugs with improved efficacy and safety. The discovery of novel drug targets contributing to a specific disease and/or its progression, in fact, is usually followed by the creation of new drugs (small molecules or biologics) up to the development of the medicinal product. An integrated cross training, which spans all the drug development pipeline, is proposed to the PhD candidate. This will be instrumental for their future employment in pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. The themes of the new PhD programme are mainly focused on:

  • studies of biological systems at cellular and molecular level, to elucidate complex biological and biochemical processes
  • biocomputational approaches to study new therapeutic targets and characterise drug-ligand interactions
  • design, synthesis, characterisation, analysis, delivery, efficacy and safety of new drugs, including those obtained through biotechnology
  • development of pharmacological and toxicological studies on the mechanism of action and toxicological aspects of bioactive molecules
  • studies of genetic and epigenetic profiles in response to drug treatments, evaluation of drug effectiveness and safety, and identification of risk factors associated with chronic/degenerative diseases
  • development of suitable animal models of diseases for the evaluation of new drugs.

More Information


The yearly gross amount of the scholarships is € 15.343,28. Social-security contributions are deducted monthly from the gross scholarship by the University on behalf of the PhD candidates. Scholarships are paid to PhD candidates on a monthly basis, in arrears (payment is completed not earlier than the 25th day of the month).

Eligibility criteria


Please, see the Call for applications


Selection process

Evaluation of qualifications and oral examination

More information in the PhD Programme Table

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Offer Requirements

    ENGLISH: Good


Applicants, regardless of age and citizenship status, can apply for the admission to the selection procedure if they have awarded at least one of the following degrees:

  • Laurea Magistrale, Magistrale a ciclo unico or Laurea Specialistica (Master’s Degree);
  • Laurea di Vecchio Ordinamento (pre-1999 reform);
  • A Second Cycle Degree awarded by academic institutions part of AFAM (Alta Formazione Artistica e Musicale);
  • A non-Italian Second Cycle Degree (Master’s Degree or Single Cycle Degree) awarded by an academic institution equivalent to the above mentioned degrees (letters a, b, c).

Applicants who are yet to obtain their Second Cycle Degree are admitted to the selection procedure on condition that they obtain their degree by no later than October, 31st 2021.

Other required documents:

- Abstract of the second cycle degree thesis

- Personal Statement

More information in the PhD Programme Table.

Specific Requirements

- List of publications (i.e. monographs, articles on scientific journals, volume chapters), minor publications (conference papers, etc.) and abstracts and posters presented during academic conferences

- Research activity - whether basic, applied, translational, etc. - carried out in any capacity, including when covered by research grants, and as a staff member of research units

- Language proficiency certificates

- Periods of study abroad, outside the country of origin (e.g. Erasmus programme or other similar mobility programmes)

- Other qualifications attesting the suitability of the applicants (scholarships, prizes, etc)

Please, see the Call for applications. More information in the PhD Programme Table.






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