Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions

MSCA PF MASTER CLASS 2021 @ POLIMI and MSCA PF Seal of Excellence @ POLIMI

    15/09/2021 17:00 - Europe/Athens
    HE / MSCA
    Italy, Milano
    Politecnico di Milano
    Research Service


Politecnico di Milano is launching the fourth edition of the Master Class (MSCA PF MASTER CLASS 2021@ POLIMI) for potential applicants to the MSCA - European Postdoctoral Fellowship call 2021.

The aim of the call is to attract and train young and talented researchers to successfully applying for MSCA European Postdoctoral Fellowship with the Politecnico di Milano as host institution.

Candidates will be pre-selected based on their expression of interest, CV and motivation. Promising candidates will be invited to attend an in depth training course on the proposal writing through online webstreaming (28-29 June 2021), to have a virtual meeting with their supervisors and to make use of full support in the application writing process by POLIMI advisors.

Candidate fellows and supervisors will be guided throughout the whole application process with deadline on 15 September 2021. Only those who get funding through the European Commission’s MSCA PF program will be admitted to Politecnico di Milano.

Applications are open for the published 30 “Supervisors’ project proposals”.

Application deadline: 30 May 2021

There are three main requirements of eligibility:

  1. Applicants must have a PhD and no more than 8 years of full time research experience*
  2. Applicants can be of any nationality bust must not have lived or worked in Italy for more than 12 months during the 3 years up to the closing date of the call 15 September 2021 (mobility rule)
  3. The applicants must choose the Politecnico di Milano as their Host Institution


In order to apply the applicants must choose one of the “Supervisors project proposals” and send the following forms as pdf files to: mscamasterclass@polimi.it

1) Curriculum vitae and publications list

2) Letter of motivation and research statement

3) Eligibility Self-declaration

All forms are compulsory

The Politecnico di Milano team will verify candidates eligibility and send the applications to Supervisors taking in consideration the choice expressed by candidates in their application forms.

Supervisors will select one candidate per each “Supervisor project proposal”.

The selected candidates will be contacted by Politecnico di Milano team and will be invited to attend the MSCA MASTER CLASS.

Please contact mscamasterclass@polimi.it for any questions on the funding scheme and the MSCA program.

All call details at the following address:




  • The researcher must be, at the date of the PF call deadline (15.9.2021) in possession of a doctoral degree. At the call deadline, supported researchers must have a maximum of 8 years full-time equivalent experience in research, measured from the date that the researcher was in a possession of a doctoral degree. Years of experience outside research and career breaks (e.g. due to parental leave), will not be taken into account.


MSCA PF Seal of Excellence @ POLIMI

The best 5 Marie Sklodowska Curie European Postdoctoral Fellows hosted by Politecnico di Milano, not funded by the EC but awarded with the Seal of Excellence by the EC in the HEU-MSCA-PF-2021 (European Postdoctoral Fellowship), will be offered a postdoc position for 2 years with 40.000€/year (gross amount) as salary and 20.000€ for startup fund for research activities, training and networking.


The responsibility for the hosting offers published on this website, including the hosting description, lies entirely with the publishing institutions. The application is handled uniquely by the employer, who is also fully responsible for the recruitment and selection processes.