Living in Europe | Accommodation | Slovenia

For foreign researchers accommodation is usually arranged by the hosting organisation. Doctoral candidates have the option of using student dormitories, and other researchers can find other accommodation. The real estate market in Slovenia offers diverse opportunities. Prices of renting of an apartment are generally somewhere between €150 (for a room in a shared flat) and €500 per month (the actual price depends on location, available infrastructure, equipment available in the apartment and price flexibility of the owner). Monthly rent normally does not include running costs (i.e. electricity, gas, water, heating, telephone and communal services). Running costs differ significantly and can be more than €100 per month. Buying prices are very fluctuating and in vicinity of €2,200 per square metre in Ljubljana and other urban areas, and the right to purchase is limited to citizens of countries with reciprocity (i.e. citizens of Slovenia can buy real estate in that country too).

The best way to find an apartment to rent is to use the help of friends or work colleagues. If you are looking for accommodation yourself, you can use online services, such as:

You can also use a real estate agency (a list of licensed real estate agents is available at website of the Ministry of Infrastructure). Keep in mind that real estate agencies charge a fee in the amount of one or two month's rent (or even up to 4 for long-term rentals). There is no firm rule who pays the fee to agency (it could be you, it could be the owner or it could be shared). In any case the agent should explain this to you at the beginning (if not, feel free to ask).

Whichever method you use to find an apartment it is strongly recommended that you sign an agreement with the owner. It should be a written agreement signed by both parties. For it to be legally valid, it does not have to be certified by a notary.