Coronavirus Disease (COVID-2019) Outbreak

The global pandemic of COVID-19 disease caused the government of the Republic of Slovenia to activate several severe measures in order to prevent the spreading of the disease. Those measures include a set of restrictions and border controls. Restrictions have an impact on everyday life.

Entry into Slovenia is limited according to the epidemiological status of the traveller's home country. Residents of the epidemiologically safe countries ('Green Countries') can enter Slovenia without any limitations. Slovenian residents coming from the EU or Schengen country that is epidemiologically uncertain ('Yellow Countries') can enter Slovenia without limitations if they prove that they are not coming from epidemiologically risky countries ('Red Countries'). Travellers coming from epidemiologically risky countries must stay in 14-days quarantine. List of 'Green' and 'Red' countries is available in the Slovene language HERE ('Zeleni seznam' means 'Green List' and 'Rdeči seznam' means 'Red List'). Countries not listed on 'Green' or 'Red' list are part of the 'Yellow' list. The lists are updated at least once a week.


You can find information about restrictions and guidelines on how to deal with COVID-19 pandemic at the government of RS site.


EURAXESS network Slovenia continues to support researchers.

Useful websites

National Institute of Public Health (in Slovene language)

European Union’s COVID-19 response site

EURAXESS Europa site


Worldometer COVID-19 data

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Stories from international researchers in Slovenia


Dr. Jennie Olofsson

In Slovenia, everything is so close told us Jennie Olofsson a researcher from Sweden. Jennie is a holder of Seal of Excellence ( Her current research is dealing with electronic waste management.


Dr. Fayruza Ismagilova

Fayruza is researching work psychology. Last year, she participated at one of the workshops organized by EURAXESS network that helped her to deal with complexities of multicultural encounters. She thinks that it is very easy to find colleagues in Slovenia as almost everybody speaks good English. Living in Slovenia is like being inside a huge, kind family.


Mehmet Alp Ilgaz, PhD student

Mehmet is working on 5G network technologies and is living in Slovenia for a third year. He likes open and friendly society and country where you cannot get easily bored.



Dr. Elena Nacevska Baćović

Dr Elena Nacevska is a Researcher at the CPR, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana, where she also obtained her PhD degree. Since 2015, she live and work in Slovenia. Her research field is mostly focused on party politics in SEE countries. Issued by the University of Ljubljana in 2018, her latest release Women in Politics in Western Balkan Countries concerns women’s political inclusion in post-socialist countries.

Photo by ThisIsEngineering from Pexels
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