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Slovene Language and Language Courses


The three favourite Slovene words by foreign researchers working in Slovenia.

The Slovene language is the oldest written Slavic language – the first documents written in Slovene were The Freising Manuscripts that are dated to the 9th century. Slovene was the 12th language in the world with a complete Bible translation (source) - the first edition of the Bible in Slovene was published in 1583.

The Slovene language is spoken by over 2 million people and is one of the official languages of the European Union. Slovene is the only official EU language that uses dual (a grammatical number that some languages use in addition to singular and plural and denotes precisely two persons).

For first aid phrases, you can use one of several online resources, such as online learning or this one. However, in order to learn the language, you will have to take part in one of the language courses offered by lanugage schoools in Slovenia. The best resource for everything related to Slovene language learning is The Centre for Slovene as a Second and Foreign Language. This the course provider that also offers online Slovene language course: Course prices vary according to the duration of the course (e.g. “Let’s Taste Slovene” (30 school hours) costs 321 EUR and “Spring School of Slovene Language” (220 school-hours) costs 1.440 EUR. One school-hour is 45 minutes.