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Social Security


Social Security

The system of social security in Slovenia is based on contribution payments from employers and employees. For every employee in Slovenia, contributions for health insurance, pension and disability insurance, maternity leave, unemployment insurance, accidents at work and occupational disease insurance are obligatory.

Research fellowships can be exempt from compulsory social security payments (except health insurance). Registeration of employees for compulsory pension, disability and health insurance, and unemployment insurance is done by the employer.

Health insurance in Slovenia consists from two types of health insurance payments: compulsory and voluntary. Compulsory health insurance does not cover all the expenses that occur during treatment. Full coverage of costs is provided only for children, pupils and students who attend school regularly and for certain diseases and conditions. In other services it assures only a certain percentage of the cost. Compulsory health insurance can be arranged at Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia and it is usally done by the employer. Once insured through the compulsory Slovenian health insurance, you will receive a health insurance card, which you will need to use to identify yourself at healthcare institutions when in need of medical attention. All health insurance data is stored in the health insurance card.

Voluntary health insurance covers the difference between the full price and the part that is covered by the compulsory health insurance. Voluntary health insurance is arranged at a health insurance company. Currently three health insurance companies offer voluntary health insurance: