Social Security

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Social Security

The system of social security in Slovenia is based on contribution payments from employers and employees. For every employee in Slovenia, contributions for health insurance, pension and disability insurance, maternity leave, unemployment insurance, accidents at work and occupational disease insurance are obligatory.

Research fellowships can be exempt from compulsory social security payments (except health insurance). Registeration of employees for compulsory pension, disability and health insurance, and unemployment insurance is done by the employer.

Maternity leave lasts 105 days and must be used in a single block of time in the form of complete absence from work. The mother receives maternity compensation calculated on the average salary paid during the previous twelve-month period. Fathers have a right to paternity leave up to 90 days. One of the parents has a right to child care leave in order to look after or care for a child for a period of 260 days immediately upon expiry of maternity leave. Mothers or fathers entitled to parental compensation, who ceased employment during the duration of parental leave, are covered by compulsory pension and disability insurance, compulsory health insurance and insurance against unemployment and for parental protection. The contribution of the insured person is paid by the recipient and the employer’s contribution by the Republic of Slovenia.


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