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Day care, schooling and family related issues


Pre-school education in kindergartens is implemented by public and private kindergartens. Children attend kindergartens from the age of 11 months until they enrol in elementary school. There are 2 age groups: 1-3 years of age and 3-6 years of age.

Pre-school education is not compulsory, with the exception of preparations for elementary school which are implemented 1 year before the entry into elementary school. In the period prior to the full introduction of the nine-year elementary school, the preparations for elementary school will be implemented under the regulations that were in force prior to the enforcement of the new Act.

The ensuring of pre-school education is one of the fundamental tasks of municipalities; for this reason, kindergartens are being established and financed by municipalities. The fundamental tasks of kindergartens are assistance to parents in the area of comprehensive care for children, improvement of life quality of families and children and creation of possibilities for the integrated development of children.


There are 399 kindergartens in the Republic of Slovenia (1.100 with dislocated units) and 279 private baby-sitters. List of kindergartens is available at the web site of the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport. Information is in Slovene language. Term »Seznam vrtcev« means 'list of kindergartens', term »Seznam vrtcev z enotami« means 'list of kindergartens with dislocated units' and term »Seznam varuhov predšolskih otrok na domu v Sloveniji« means 'list of private baby-sitters'.

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