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Working conditions

Working conditions


A. Working time

In general, the full time working time in Slovenia is 40 working hours per week. This includes 30 minute daily break. A work day can not last longer than 10 working hours. Overtime can last at most 20 working hours per month and at most 170 hours per year


B. Salaries

Basic salary

Average monthly salary in Slovenia was in February 2020 1.799,66 EUR (gross amount) or 1.169,91 EUR (net amount). In science and research, the average monthly salary for the same period was 2.302,29 EUR (gross amount) or 1.458,86 EUR (net amount) - source. Minimal salary for 2019 is 940,58 EUR (gross amount) – source.



Employees also receive the reimbursement of the costs of transport to and from workplace and contribution for meals during work. Transport reimbursement is usually tied to the cost of monthly public transport pass. Contribution for meals during work is set by the employer and can vary, but it usually a few Euros per day (e.g. 3,97 EUR per day for public sector employees).


Annual leave pay

Employees are entitled to annual leave pay in the amount that is at least equal minimal gross salary.


C. Public Holidays

Non-working days in Slovenia are:


Public holidays that are ordinary working days are:


In addition to public holidays and non-working days, several popular dates are observed in Slovenia:


D. Leave of Absence

Every employee has at least 4 weeks (20 working days) of paid leave per year. Actual number of leave days can be higher and depends on several conditions, such as seniority, working environment, etc. Part of that leave must be used in 2 consecutive weeks. Additionally, every employee has up to extra 7 days of paid leave for personal reasons (e.g. own marriage, death in family, major accidents, etc.). Legal basis: Employment Relationships Act