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Country Profile




Country Profile

  • Official name: Republic of Slovenia (Republika Slovenija)
  • Government type: Parlimentary democracy
  • Capital: Ljubljana (46.0512786° N, 14.5064607° E)
  • Member of the European Union since 1 May 2004
  • Population: 2.089.310 (1. July 2019) Area: 20.271 km2
  • GDP per capita: 22.083 EUR/capita
  • Official Language: Slovenian (also Italian and Hungarian in border areas)
  • Major religion: Roman Catholic (there are 57 registered religious communities, source:
  • Time: Central European Time GMT + 1, in summer GMT + 2
  • Mains voltage: 230 V/50 Hz, type F power socket (2 round pins)
  • Units system: metric (e.g.: metres, kilometres, grams, kilograms). Temperature is expressed in degrees of Celsius.
  • International dialing code: +386
  • Important telephone numbers:
  • 112 Emergency Number
  • 113 Police

State Symbols

Grb Slovenije

Coat of Arms

Coat of arms has the shape of a shield with a blue background. In the middle of the shield is Triglav, below it two wawy lines represent sea and rivers. On the top of the shield are three golden stars that represent the element of fire.

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Slovenska zastava

State flag

The flag of the Republic of Slovenia is a white-blue-red national flag with coat-of-arms. Each colour takes one-third of the width of the flag. The coat-of-arms is placed on the upper left corner of the flag. The top half of the coat-of-arms is in the white field and the bottom half in the blue field.

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State Anthem

State anthem is 7th stanza of the poem »Zdravljica« (A Toast), written by the poet France Prešeren, melody written by Stanko Premrl.

Anthem in Slovene:

Žive naj vsi narodi

ki hrepene dočakat' dan,

da koder sonce hodi,

prepir iz sveta bo pregnan,

da rojak

prost bo vsak, ne vrag, le sosed bo mejak!

Anthem in English:

God's blessing on all nations,

Who long and work for that bright day,

When o'er earth's habitations

No war, no strife shall hold its sway;

Who long to see

That all men free

No more shall foes, but neighbours be!

Anthem Melody

Lyrics and music together


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