Prior Education Recognition

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Prior Education Recognition

If you as foreign researcher gained an education abroad and need to have it recognised in Slovenia for the employment purposes you must submit an application for recognition for the purposes of employment to the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport (in charge of the procedure, criteria and determining authorities for the recognition and assessment of foreign, as well as for the assessment of national education on tertiary level, and the use of foreign vocational professional or academic title).

All the neccessary documents are available at the web site of the Ministry of the Republic of Slovenia for Education, Science and Sport.

ENIC-NARIC centre Slovenia is a competent authority for assessment and recognition of education in the Republic of Slovenia and is a national academic recognition information centre, according to the Act of Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications concerning Higher Education in the European Region. ENIC-NARIC centre collects and provides information on Slovenian and foreign educational systems and is included in the ENIC-NARIC centre's network.)


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